Building It For Real From Day 1

May 1, 2015

Disclaimer: this is an attempt to build on Matthew Parker’s awesome post, How to talk to your friends about microservices, with a recent experience I had during an engagement. I just wrapped up two months in D.C. working with a client who is both trying to climb out of years of technical debt by moving to a 100% microservices architecture, while simultaneously offering a radically different customer experience. ... Read more

Going on a product hunt - Inbox by Google

November 26, 2014

This week the PM practice took a look at Inbox by Google, a brand new product aiming to change how we interact with email. Inbox by Google via BSN First, the on-boarding process is down right amazing. If you have a Google App already on your device, it makes use of Google sign-in to streamline the process. Getting started with the app is faster than anything we have seen. ... Read more

Going on a product hunt - UXCam

October 23, 2014

Product Hunt recently highlighted all the batch-10 startups who demoed at 500 startups demo day. The labs PM team decided to take a look at these fast moving startups and did a full review of UXCam, a SF startup aiming to democratize the UX lab. UXCam’s analytics platform allows developers, with the user’s permission, to capture video and screencasts of real users interacting with your app in real-life situations. ... Read more

Going on a product hunt - Alfred

September 18, 2014

Every Wednesday, Pivotal Labs Product Managers gather over lunch. Sometimes we discuss a book we have been reading. Other times we discuss a particular client’s product and offer feedback. Recently we have been trying a bit of an experiment: we critique products on Product Hunt. ... Read more

Why Executives Need To Embrace Experimentation

June 12, 2014

Funding New Products: Why Executives Need To Embrace Experimentation There is no question that the game has changed, and it is going to keep changing faster and faster. Making software (and recently hardware too) is easier and faster than ever before. A motivated team, using modern software methodologies and a network of services, has the power and ability to compete with any large enterprise. Today, the only competitive advantage is the ability to learn faster. ... Read more

Bank Account Verification

January 6, 2014

One of the biggest obstacles facing innovation in the financial services industry is making it easier for verified and permissioned 3rd parties to access a customer’s DDA (Demand-Deposit-Account). Services like PayPal try to get customers to connect their DDA’s to help avoid credit card network fees. These companies are relatively successful at this because they simply pass on that fee to the customer. The currently acceptable process to permission a 3rd party to access a DDA is a multi-day process. ... Read more

New Website

May 24, 2013

Excited to now being using Jekyll to power my blog. The startup costs are high, however, it does give me a lot of freedom and flexibility. The downside is that the framework is a bit confusing, too me a few hours to fully get it. Hoping to use this site for whatever I have on my mind. Let me know what you think … -Addison

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