Going on a product hunt - UXCam

October 23, 2014 by Addison Huddy

Product Hunt recently highlighted all the batch-10 startups who demoed at 500 startups demo day. The labs PM team decided to take a look at these fast moving startups and did a full review of UXCam, a SF startup aiming to democratize the UX lab. UXCam’s analytics platform allows developers, with the user’s permission, to capture video and screencasts of real users interacting with your app in real-life situations.

User-centric thinking is at the heart of what Pivotal is all about. When we work with clients during a Discovery and Framing, the emphasis is on getting out of the building and talking with real people that have real pain. UXCam is really exciting because it further breaks down the barriers between the end-user and the development team.

UX Cam is a freemium product that offers custom pricing above 1K videos per month. Developers can get started using UX Cam with just a few lines of code. Exciting stuff and we are looking forward to trying it out at Labs.

We are all about focus. These are the two things we would focus on during future iterations of UX Cam.

UX Cam has the opportunity to standout in the crowded analytics market by focusing on a particular group of developers (e.g., game developers) and/or focusing on particular type of analytics solution (e.g., performance, usability, monetization, operational). There is an opportunity to more clearly demonstrate how the unique data sources (e.g., videos, screenshots, etc.) translate into actionable analytics. Check out more of our comments in the mural below.

This week’s hunters included @memyselfandm @lcddave @rheakaw and @addisonhuddy.

“Going on a product hunt” is a weekly blog post by the Pivotal Product Management Team. Every week the team gathers over a 1-hr lunch and spends the hour reviewing a startup recently posted on Product Hunt. The opinions expressed in this post are not recommendations. Everything here was completed over a 1-hr lunch conversation, so take it with a grain of salt.

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