Going on a product hunt - Inbox by Google

November 26, 2014

This week the PM practice took a look at Inbox by Google, a brand new product aiming to change how we interact with email. Inbox by Google via BSN First, the on-boarding process is down right amazing. If you have a Google App already on your device, it makes use of Google sign-in to streamline the process. Getting started with the app is faster than anything we have seen. ... Read more

Going on a product hunt - UXCam

October 23, 2014

Product Hunt recently highlighted all the batch-10 startups who demoed at 500 startups demo day. The labs PM team decided to take a look at these fast moving startups and did a full review of UXCam, a SF startup aiming to democratize the UX lab. UXCam’s analytics platform allows developers, with the user’s permission, to capture video and screencasts of real users interacting with your app in real-life situations. ... Read more

Going on a product hunt - Alfred

September 18, 2014

Every Wednesday, Pivotal Labs Product Managers gather over lunch. Sometimes we discuss a book we have been reading. Other times we discuss a particular client’s product and offer feedback. Recently we have been trying a bit of an experiment: we critique products on Product Hunt. ... Read more

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